Below is a complete list of items that are housed in the Genealogy Room of the library.

Contents are in a beige/rust cardboard box

  1. Constitution of the Society For Detecting Horse Thieves in the Towns of Mendon, Bellingham and Milford, 10/29/1860, Milford Press, GW Stacy, Printer, 1860
  2. Weather observations in Mendon, 1857 to 1898, Micajah Collins Gaskill, for Mendon Historical Society
  3. Mendon, MA 1667 – 1967 Mother of Municipalities. This was a moldy copy and was removed from the collection. The library has other copies
  4. Crimpville Comments of 1975. History and photos of Milford/Uxbridge Historic Street Railway Co., 1901. Information on Lake Nipmuc with photographs. Also a letter from the newspaper, 1890 with proposal for railway
  5. Founders Park news article
  6. News articles, Historical Commission information on old airport
  7. Ezra Taft Benson, Pioneer – Statesman – Saint/ by Evans and Anderson, 1947
  8. Primitive saw pit, sawmill, other businesses
  9. Ad in Independent Messenger, Mendon, 2/1/1834 regarding the Mendon Book Store, previously The Mendon Bank (Cutler and Ballou)
  10. Life in Colonial Boston by Adelaide Hechtlinger
  11. Saving Hobby Horses
  12. Chestnut Hill Meeting House, Oct. 11 1902, paper delivered by Horace Benson to Mendon Historical Society
  13. 100th Anniversary of First Parish Unitarian Church, paper prepared by Wendell Williams, 1920
  14. Unitarian Church, article and photograph, 1938
  15. Reverend Roy Wintersteen, Unitarian minister- article from Worcester Gazette, 1963?
  16. First parish in Mendon: rededication pf [resent meeting house and dedication of the organ, 2/6/1938, program
  17. History of Grafton
  18. This is Woonsocket, from Erastus to DC, from the Woonsocket Call, 1973
  19. Article in Early American Life, “The Jews in the Colonies”
  20. George Street- research by Jane Coleman
  21. Festival at Hopedale, by Henry Wright
  22. Hurricane of 1938
  23. Ice Farming
  24. Chief Massasoit/ genealogy, from Early American Life
  25. Writings about native Americans
  26. Tanneries, Early American Life